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  • Announcement: Schedule…


    As promised, here is a link to the schedule we just constructed.  It should be editable by anyone.  Please feel free to add details to “your” session.  Don’t move sessions, as that will cause a bit of a cascade of conflicts throughout all of the other session

    If people encounter problems with editing the document, just come find me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Schedule and Scheduling


    Well folks – the time is just about on us.  Only a few days until we converge on the MSU campus for Great Lakes THATCamp.  In preparation, I wanted to say a few words about scheduling.  Check-in will start at 8am (though, we’ll be there earlier if you are wanting to come in earlier). There will be food (bagels, muffins, danishes, fresh fruit) and drink (coffee, tea, juice) for all attendees. The check in table will be located just outside the LookOut Gallery on the second floor of the Residential College of Arts & Humanities.  The layout of the building can be a tad confusing, so there will be signs spread out all over the place with directions as to where you need to go.

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