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  • Call for Dork Shorts…


    Hey folks,  as I mentioned in the opening session, we’re going to do a round of dork shorts in the closing session.  Dork shorts are essentially a quick description/elevator pitch for a tool/project/etc – 5 minutes max (yes, we will time you kick you off “the stage” when the 5 minutes are up).  Even though you may have talked about your project/application/tool/site in a previous session, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do a dork short – there are lots of people who might not have heard you talk already.  So, for those who want to sign up for dork shorts, just comment on this post (with the subject of your short).  Remember, 5 minutes max!

    UPDATE: Ok, sorry….5 minutes is too long (I’ve been admonished by Beth).  2 minutes max!