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  • Announcement: Schedule…


    As promised, here is a link to the schedule we just constructed.  It should be editable by anyone.  Please feel free to add details to “your” session.  Don’t move sessions, as that will cause a bit of a cascade of conflicts throughout all of the other session

    If people encounter problems with editing the document, just come find me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Call for Dork Shorts…


    Hey folks,  as I mentioned in the opening session, we’re going to do a round of dork shorts in the closing session.  Dork shorts are essentially a quick description/elevator pitch for a tool/project/etc – 5 minutes max (yes, we will time you kick you off “the stage” when the 5 minutes are up).  Even though you may have talked about your project/application/tool/site in a previous session, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do a dork short – there are lots of people who might not have heard you talk already.  So, for those who want to sign up for dork shorts, just comment on this post (with the subject of your short).  Remember, 5 minutes max!

    UPDATE: Ok, sorry….5 minutes is too long (I’ve been admonished by Beth).  2 minutes max!

  • Wireless Internet


    A couple of people have emailed asking whether there will be wireless internet access at Great Lakes THATCamp. Yes! Most spaces on the MSU campus are covered both by regular wireless (that requires an MSU login) and guest wireless (that anyone can use) – including the Residential College of Arts and Humanities (where Great Lakes THATCamp will be taking place). For more information, on the ins and outs of MSU guest wireless, check out this link:

  • Parking & Such


    For those who are driving to Great Lakes THATCamp, you’ll want to know where you can part.  Under normal circumstances (as with any big campuses) parking is a complete nightmare (and the parking police are relentless and draconian in their application of parking regulations).  The good thing is that, given Great Lakes THATCamp is happening on a weekend, parking won’t be such a concern.  Not only will parking places be easy to find, but parking regulations for faculty & staff only parking lots are not enforced at all – huzzah!  So, where is the best place to park?  Have a look at the handy dandy Great Lakes THATCamp Google Map for places to park (as well as a lot of other cool things in and around campus)
    View Great Lakes THATCamp in a larger map

  • First Round of Drinks On the ACH!


    We’re very happy to announce that the Association for Computers & The Humanities will be sponsoring the first round of drinks on Saturday night at Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub ( – after which campers can stick around and get some food at Harpers, or go to one of the many nearby fine eating establishments.  We’ll go over the details of the “reception” in the casual wrap-up session at the end of the day on Saturday.

  • Great Lakes THATCamp Teaser Badge Design


    In the spirit of yesterday’s teaser t-shirt design, have a gander at a teaser of the Great Lakes THATCamp badge design

    Couple of cool things to note.  First off, you’ll see a QR code next to the camper’s name.  This will link to the camper’s profile page of the Great Lakes THATCamp website.  We’ll have a post detailing the ins and outs of QR codes in the near future.  Second, you’ll notice “Local” in the bottom right hand corner of the badge.  Anyone who is a local will get this on their badge.  The idea is that they will be able to help out by offering up local information to those who are from out of town – where is the best place to get a drink, how do you get back to the hotel, that kind of thing.

    ADDENDUM: The QR code in this comp was actually just a test.  We’re most likely going to use a QR code with a little more complexity – name, institutional affiliation, email address, website, etc.  This means that in order for all of the relevant info to show up in the QR code, campers should update their profile (which you originally created when you applied for Great Lakes THATCamp).