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    William Turkel

    Hacking and humanistic fabrication; digital history; STS; history of science, technology and environment.

    At the Great Lakes THATCamp I am co-hosting a workshop on Hacking Wearables and E-Textiles with Beth Nowviskie.

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    Digitizing smells

    Monday, March 22nd, 2010 | williamjturkel

    At one of the sessions, I promised to post a link to the work about digitizing the smells of artifacts. Here it is:

    Strlič, M. and Thomas, J. and Trafela, T. and Cséfalvayová, L. and Kralj Cigić, I. and Kolar, J. and Cassar, M. (2009) Material degradomics: on the smell of old books. Analytical Chemistry, 81 (20). pp. 8617-8622. ISSN 00032700

    Thanks to everyone for a great unconference! Bill