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    Stéfan Sinclair

    Stéfan Sinclair is involved in the design, development and theorisation of tools for the digital humanities (with a more recent focus on visualization and the potential of High Performance Computing for text analysis). Sinclair has led or participated in a wide range of digital humanities projects, including Voyeur Tools (voyeurtools.org), Digital Texts 2.0 (dtext2.org), TAPoR (tapor.ca), MONK (monkproject.org), BonPatron (bonpatron.com) and the Humanities Visualization Project (humviz.org). Sinclair is an associate editor of Literary and Linguistic Computing, as well as Digital Humanities Quarterly, and serves on the executive council of the Association for Computing in the Humanities. Sinclair's background is in French literature, and especially the Oulipo, a group of writers and mathematicians that creates constraint-based literature. Sinclair is currently in the department of Communication Studies & Multimedia at McMaster University.

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    One Day | One Toolet

    Monday, March 15th, 2010 | sgsinclair

    I think I’d probably initially proposed some high(er)-brow concept regarding peer review of development work in the digital humanities, but what I’d really want to do is spend some time hacking some code with some cool people. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to participate in the One Week | One Tool event, but I propose hijacking the idea with a more modest scope: One Day | One Toolet. I even think that trying to identify a project that resonates with several participants would be interesting (and which language, and which framework, and which design, …). Unless of course no one else is interested in hacking with me, in which case I’ll be a happy session tourist.