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    Adan Quan

    I am an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Michigan State U. who has moved heavily to online teaching. My research and teaching focus on cross-cultural perceptions and interactions in a digitally connected and mass mediated world.

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    The culture of digital media

    Friday, March 19th, 2010 | Adan Quan

    I am based in the MSU Department of Anthropology and am designing a new online course “US culture 101” for foreign students. This brings up at least one big question: how relevant are cross cultural issues for designing and using digital media in the humanities and social sciences? Although I’m focusing on an online course setting, a lot of these issues apply more broadly to other digital humanities settings.

    Two types of discussion could flow from this and could be worked into a variety of formats this weekend. I’m more than happy to do a short presentation, or work to blend any of this into a larger discussion, or even just discuss the big questions over lunch, coffee, etc.