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    Michael Grove

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    I'm a project manager for an cooperative, international digital video archive with partners in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Indiana. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Latin American History. Academically, I'm interested in how technology inflects culture. Professionally, I hope to be lucky enough to continue to work on high-tech, international archiving projects.

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    International Archival Software

    Saturday, March 20th, 2010 | migrove

    I am managing an US Dept of Education funded project with three partner institutions in Latin America, using The Annotator’s Workbench software developed by the Digital Library Program (DLP) at Indiana University.

    I’m interested in building a web of scholars that are participating in a collaborative “networked archive.”  I wonder if there is a way to use new community-based models to build more scholarly annotation/archiving tools.  This framework would equally prioritize the collaborative process and “scholarly” technology.  The archive would grow from within the individual institutions, using the cloud to host the archive and the annotation/segmentation software.  Without a firm “center” the archive would take the form of a genuine collaboration between a network of international institutions.