• [Session Bleg] Teaching Digital History/Humanities Methods?

    Hi folks. I’ve already proposed a session (on games and gaming and play – and I’ve chattered on about that subject this week at my own blog) and I don’t want to double-dip, but here is a request for a session I wouldn’t be qualified to lead myself, but one I’d certainly attend with interest if anyone else offered to lead it,  hint hint.

    Next fall I’ll be trying to fill the very big shoes of Bill Turkel, teaching our department’s grad seminar on digital history methods. I would love to steal from hear from anybody who has taught dedicated digital history or humanities courses, at any level, about their experiences, ideas, best practices, etc.

    See you soon!


  1. sikarskie says:

    I was a teaching assistant for Ethan’s undergraduate History of the Digital Age course last summer. I’d be happy to talk about it, though also don’t feel qualified to lead a session on it.

  2. Lynne Goldstein proposed something along these lines (http://www.2010.greatlakesthatcamp.org/2010/03/the-future-of-cultural-heritage-including-archaeology-curricula/), and its something that I’m very interested in exploring as well.

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