• Registration Fees

    Great Lakes THATCamp carries a suggested $25 registration fee – which helps pay for the meals, t-shirts, and other fun swag attendees will be receiving.  There are several ways that campers can pay their registration fee.  The easiest is by cash or cheque when you check in on Saturday morning – frankly, that is what we prefer.   Cheques should be made out to Michigan State University.  If you prefer to pay electronically, things are a little more complicated.  You’ll need to use Michigan State University’s online donation system.

    http://bit.ly/bg3SAf (its a crazy long URL – hence the shortening)

    “MATRIX Project Fund (DIG)” will automatically show up in the gift cart (which is as it should be)

    All you need to do is put $25 in the donation amount field, and hit the continue – fill out all of the personal info and billing info, and you will be good to go.  While $25 is the standard registration fee we’re asking for, if you are feeling generous and want to donate more, we certainly aren’t going to turn the extra money away.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: Unfortunately, paying electronically comes with some hazards.  Because you are paying via MSU’s donation system, you are going to end up on a list of donors.  This might result in some future “hey, I see you’ve donated to MSU in the past, would you be willing to donate again?”  This is unfortunate, but there is no real way around it.

    If you happen to be an MSU employee and want to do a direct payment from an MSU account, give me a shout via email (watrall [at] msu [dot] edu), and we can make the arrangements.

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