• Heritage Organizations and Online Connectivity

    As social networking outlets have increased, so has our potential for connecting localized organizations interested in different aspects of the humanities.  While some local organizations have larger umbrella groups they connect with, there are several local arts, culture and heritage outlets that are relatively isolated.  I’m interested in exploring ideas for how social media can be used to help these groups connect to one another, and help each other.  I’d like participants to discuss what has worked or failed for different organizations they are involved with.

    I will be coming at this from the vantage point of the Michigan Archaeological Society. There is no umbrella group for state-level avocational archaeology groups, so we all work fairly independently, but trying to build our network with other state and territorial societies. Perhaps video conferences or chat-rooms could be organized among Board members from different states, to share ideas about increasing membership, publishing journals and improving outreach?  Is an umbrella organization necessary to maintain those kinds of connections, or can it stay informal?

    I would like to have a discussion about how other organizations are successfully using social networking, and what we can do to encourage continued success with these media.  What works for different groups, and how can those of us who are more digitally active assist these organizations?

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