• Empowering the community to create the archive

    As a museum professional, I am most interested in exploring collective memory and new media initiatives and empowering underrepresented communities to document their history.

    The Arab American National Museum is a community-based institution. We will soon be celebrating our fifth anniversary as the premier institution for the documentation, preservation and celebration of Arab American history and culture. While our exhibits and collections continue to grow and evolve, we feel we can do more to permit the community to play an essential role in documenting and preserving its history. Therefore, I am interested in discussing strategies for reinventing the collection and archive by empowering the community – in our case Arab Americans – to manage its own history.

    Specifically, I am open to exploring strategies for engaging diverse communities to document their own history using online tools and placing the museum in the role of facilitator.

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  1. Devon Akmon says:

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this weekend. Ongoing problems due to a stolen vehicle…

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