1. I’ve been more an interested onlooker than a participant in building the the AO3 archive but from what I’ve observed, their issues have been just the same as the ones you describe. I’ll be curious to hear more about your project.

  2. ridolfo says:

    Ruth, I didn’t know about their A03 project. I have a colleague doing research on online fandom communities too, so thanks! I look forward to meeting you. Best, Jim Ridolfo

  3. greenshade says:

    Although not as traditionally archival, 3 projects at the 9/11 Memorial Museum address community/stakeholder needs in different ways:

    The Artists Registry is designed for people who created artwork in response to 9/11 and its aftermath, and for researchers interested in this body of work: http://registry.national911memorial.org

    The “Make History” site is designed for people who took witness photos on 9/11 or who have a personal story of witness, volunteerism or commemoration: http://makehistory.national911memorial.org/

    Lastly, we’ve created a memorial exhibition upload site for people who want to contribute photos and remembrances of loved ones who were killed on 9/11. This is closed archive accessible only to users and the museum staff.

    I’m very interested to hear more about your project!

    • ridolfo says:

      That’s a really interesting project. I look forward to hearing more about the design process, particularly how you identified and developed for these different stakeholder needs.

  4. ArchMeg says:

    I’m interested in hearing about what you’ve done!

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