• Data, KORA, and Ponies Session Notes

    Contact me (matt dot geimer at matrix dot msu dot edu or @herrgeimer on twitter ) for any questions about KORA!

    Things we talked about:

    • Data – how it affects your overall project/scheme layout
    • Stuff about KORA
      Open Source digital repository / digital archive  / content management system
      Very flexible – allows you to do almost anything w/ digital content (regarding storage/representation at least)

      Based on the idea of open access to content made easy to get to
    • Things I didn’t get to talk about but would love to facilitate
      Open source software (specifically running a project like KORA)
      can you add twitfacefliksquarespace to your project?’ and the implications of integrating into open (and closed) data sources
      Undergraduate programmers – they rock!
      How do we determine the ‘best’ way to store metadata in schemes beyond well defined ones (such as DublinCore)
      Data access, data restrictions, data vetting, pretty much anything about data
      The double-edged sword of  your (or your IT/CS person’s) favorite programming language
      Making use of your data beyond it’s original purpose
    • Ponies – there were indeed pictures of ponies 🙂

    Overall it was a more ‘traditional’ talk – mostly Matt talking about KORA, but software demos are like that.  Questions were answered about search performance, issues addressed included using other indexing applications to provide additional search possibilities.  There should be a ‘howto run KORA on a ubuntu server start to finish’ up on the KORA site soon.

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