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    I felt stupid for not being able to figure out how to get an avatar to show up on this digital humanities blog.  But Mark Harvey just explained to me that it magically pulls it from your account at Gravatar.com. So I went over there and it turns out I already had an account (via wordpress.com).  I added an avatar photo, but it was for an old email address. Then I added the email address I used for this site, and assigned an avatar to that email address.  Voila, my mug showed up on the greatlakesthatcamp blog!

    Just thought I’d share in case anyone else was stumped on that one.


  1. yeah, the connection is the email address. The gravatar account has to have the same email address that you used for this site. Remember, you can easily log into this site, and update your profile with the email you used in your gravatar account.

  2. migrove says:

    I love this blog, but I swear I can’t publish my session summary to it. Are my permissions set correctly?


  3. migrove says:

    Thanks. No, I get logged in, I just can’t find the link.

    • Once you login, the sidebar on the left has a “Post” header – click that (if it isn’t already expanded), and then click “Add New.” You’ll be pushed into the post editor – where you can write-up your session description.

  4. migrove says:

    Sorry! I find nothing! Even when I log in I see nothing. I see nothing on the left at all. Absolutely nothing that says “Post.” I’ve asked friends to look for it, but to no avail. Oh well, thanks for the effort. I’ll see you this weekend!

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