• Dealing with Data, Digital Repositories, and KORA

    Although it may seem like a simple idea to store data, the reality that most of us are very aware of is that the opposite is the case.  Having worked at MATRIX for the last 3+ years, including the redesign and rewrite of KORA the digital repository software at MATRIX, the pains of storing and safeguarding data  are very well known to me.  I will be talking about issues surrounding building a system like KORA and how computer scientists view the data very differently from the humanists (usually).  There are many other issues related to dissemination of data that we store and ease of use of these systems.   I also plan to possibly talk about the following topics (in no particular order):

    • Open source software (specifically running a project like KORA)
    • Dealing with the never ending questions like ‘can you add twitfacefliksquarespace to your project?’ and the implications of integrating into open (and closed) data sources
    • Undergraduate programmers – they rock!
    • How do we determine the ‘best’ way to store metadata in schemes beyond well defined ones (such as DublinCore)
    • Data access, data restrictions, data vetting, pretty much anything about data
    • The double-edged sword of  your (or your IT/CS person’s) favorite programming language
    • Making use of your data beyond it’s original purpose
    • Ponies

    Right now I am still in the process of getting a final topic list put together – so please feel free to suggest anything in the comments either adding additional topics or suggesting I remove something.   I am currently engaged in research in both audio (my Masters Thesis) and images (the Quilt Index / Digging into Data) regarding similarity measures and would be happy to discuss anything related to that as well.


  1. sikarskie says:

    I was hoping that at least some aspect of your session would be dealing with ponies. Bummer.

  2. ajgulyas says:

    I’m very excited about this, as it ties into a project I’m hoping to get going. But ponies would have been sweet.

  3. brooke says:

    audio? audio? pray tell, what is this thesis work you speak of?

  4. mgeimer says:

    @sikarskie & @ajgulyas – I am sure I can work some ponies in somwhere… 🙂

    @brooke – Prosodic feature analysis of longer speech files + similarity measures of said files / features

  5. Eric Limbach says:

    To add a few more possibilities to that list, in descending order of seriousness:
    Migrating static sites to KORA repositories
    Case studies (and more case studies)
    Communicating with your programmers: an introduction for humanists
    Undergraduates doing data entry – almost as good as programming!
    The insidious &

  6. mgeimer says:

    I am planning on a demo of KORA of well – figured I should add that. Might try to get some side-by-side comparison of other systems for fun… but depends on if there is time or not.

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